This week’s discussion deals with facet syndrome. Facet syndrome is one of the most common causes of pain originating from the spine. In order to understand facet syndrome we must first start by defining what facet syndrome is by looking at the anatomy of a typical spinal vertebrae.

The facets are on the posterior section of the vertebral body and are made up of two articulating surfaces the inferior articular process and the superior articular process. The facet joint is formed when the superior portion of a lower vertebral body meets the inferior portion of the vertebral body above it.  The facet joint is further held together a capsule of ligaments forming a joint commonly known as the zygapophyseal joint (z-joint). When these joints are jammed together from either injury, inflammation, or degeneration we get the facet syndrome. Causes of this jamming could lead from trauma, excessive weight, decreased disc height, and an increased lumbar curvature. Degenerative changes and bad posture caused by muscle imbalance is the leading reason why people develop facet syndrome.

 Signs and Symptoms of Facet Syndrome

Common symptoms of facet syndrome is neck pain and low back pain that hurts more during rest, extension, or is relieved with motion. The neck pain will be aggravated by extension, rotation and repetitive movements. Low back pain is aggravated by extension, rotation, prolonged sitting and repetitive movements. Most patients describe facet pain as sharp and in a well-defined area, normally feels superficial and one sided.

People also report that they have diffuse morning stiffness. As we can see the signs and symptoms of facet syndrome is every similar to those of a herniated disc. This is why it’s so important to get the proper diagnosis so you can receive the proper treatment for you problem.

Treatment Goals for Facet Syndrome

At Mountain View Pain Center our chiropractors have a number of treatment options to help with your problem. We offer myofacial release therapy, physical therapy, decompression therapy, massage, and chiropractic therapy. Our treatment goals are to promote soft tissue healing; we do this by removing scar tissue and promote healing with micro current. Restore normal strength and stability to joint structure. Most importantly we want to make sure you get out of pain as quick as possible so you can return to normal daily function without pain. If you have questions or concerns about your condition please feel free to call and one of our doctors will be more than happy to answer any question you might have. We have two locations one in Centennial CO and Aurora CO, please feel free to contact us. If you would like more information please read our about us page.

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