Chiropractic Care For Car Accident Injuries

August 13, 2013 by Dr. Ihsan O. Erhuy

If you have recently been in a car accident, you are already aware of the pain, discomfort and potential injuries that can occur. Ranging from whiplash and neck injuries, to chronic back injury pain, a collision with another car can be hard to get through. While you should see a doctor shortly after the accident to look for any internal injuries, there isn’t much they can do aside from prescribing you pain medication. One of the best ways to overcome the pain following any car accident injuries, is by seeing a chiropractor.

Car Accident Injuries

There are many different injuries you can get following a car accident, depending on the type of collision you were in. If you were moving and got hit from the side, the injuries are much different than if you were parked and someone hit you from behind. But generally, these are the most common injuries experienced that chiropractic care can help with.

Neck Injuries – If you were hit from behind or you hit someone in front of you going at a fast pace, your head jolts forward, then back in a snapping motion. This causes severe discomfort and pain in your neck, as well as other injuries. The most common neck injuries are neck strain and whiplash, both of which are improved with regular trips to your chiropractor. More serious neck injuries include disc and cervical injuries.

Head Injuries – Head injuries include concussions, brain injuries, open and closed head injuries. They vary from mild to severe, and many of them are helped with chiropractic care. If you are experiencing chronic migraines or headaches following an accident, ask a chiropractor about the ways they can help you; it may even be from a neck injury.

Back Injuries – Possibly the most common pain resulting from an auto accident is a back injury. These also vary widely based on the type of accident and if you had any problems with your back before the accident. Potential back injuries include thoracic spine injury, fractures, disc injury, lumbar radiculopathy, sprain, strain and lumbar spine injury.

Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

One thing to keep in mind is that the extent of your injuries may not be known right away. Things like headaches, whiplash and back pain take some time to come into effect. This is partly due to shock and partly because your body hasn’t yet adjusted to the sudden movements. It can take the body some time before experiencing pain. For this reason, you need to see a doctor after your accident, even if you feel fine.

 Types of Chiropractic Care

After making an appointment with a chiropractor for your injuries, they will first ask about the accident and the type of pain you’re experiencing, including the severity and frequency. This helps them determine what type of treatments are going to be best for you. There are several different types of chiropractic treatments, including the following:

Manipulation – This is a very common type of treatment to get for injuries like neck and back injuries. Manipulation does just what it says; manipulates your muscles and tendons, in hopes of re-aligning your body to reduce pain and discomfort. This is also called an adjustment.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia – Most adjustments are done in the office without the need of numbing the area. However if you have a severe injury, you may need to get your adjustment under anesthesia. This keeps you comforted and helps if the injury is causing high amounts of pain, which makes manipulation uncomfortable.

Manual – Manual treatment is a type of massage therapy. It isn’t like traditional massage and works more on massaging your different muscles. This is typically used in combination with other treatments.

Continued Care – Chiropractors also help patients with continued care, such as in between visits. This includes showing you how to properly stretch out your muscles and recommended exercises. You shouldn’t perform rigorous exercise unless both your chiropractor and physician approve of it. Some back injuries require a period of rest before you get back into working out.

Car accident injuries are not uncommon and not all of them severe. However, if you are experiencing any type of discomfort of chronic pain, a chiropractor can help you start to feel relief.

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