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What Kind of Pain are You Experiencing?

The Nature of Chiropractic Care

An adjustment is the primary therapeutic tool used by chiropractors. The adjustment is a controlled force applied to an affected joint of the spine or extremity. The purpose of this is to influence the motion and neurological function of the joint. The adjustment or manipulation can be performed with many different techniques to best suit the patient. At Mountain View Pain Center our doctors have treated patients from as young as a few days old, to patients in their 100’s.

Types of Adjustments and Chiropractic Techniques

Mountain View Pain Center uses one of the most popular “low force” chiropractic techniques in the world. Activator Methods Technique® (AMCT) is a gentle, low-force chiropractic technique.

Gonstead represents the ultimate standard in “hands on” spinal adjusting and remains one of the leaders in chiropractic techniques. The Gonstead Technique has a specific application on the affected segment or segments only. What makes the Gonstead technique unique is its system that allows for a very thorough evaluation process.

Diversified Technique is the classic chiropractic technique, developed to address biomechanical failure in each section of the spine. The focus is on restoration to normal function. In addition, Diversified methods have been developed to adjust extremity joints, allowing for beneficial applications in treating sports injuries and other injuries.

The Thompson Technique was first introduced over fifty years ago by Dr. J. Clay Thompson. Since the beginning, this system of analysis and drop-table correction has been used by thousands of successful chiropractors.

Chiropractic Care Overview

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained professionals that use their clinical skills to diagnose issues of the musculoskeletal system. Our doctors are experts in reading diagnostic information, such as x-rays or lab results, and in determining the treatment plan that is best suited for you and your body. They will use all of their abilities and our facility treatments, such as soft tissue therapy, rehab, manipulation, or physical therapy to maximize your full health potential.

Many people initially seek out chiropractic care for issues such as neck pain and low back pain, but our doctors can provide treatment and relief for so many other things! At Mountain View Pain Center, we see all types of  sports related injuries such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, knee rehab, shoulder and wrists sprains, as well as the more commonly thought of cases such as neck pain, back pain, and disc related injuries.

Mountain View pain Center prides itself on its holistic approach to healthcare. Through using this combination of treatments we are able to thoroughly help our patients with the pain they are experiencing and ensure that they are able to go through the tasks of daily living without pain.


  • One of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. I came in with back pain that traveled down the back of my leg and was having a really hard time walking, sitting, and standing. They spent extra time with me to make sure I understood why I was having pain. There front desk people are really helpful and Brandi and Jen there massage therapist are the best. Most importantly they took my insurance. My husband now goes to them and also agrees with me. I would highly recommend them if you are in pain.

    Laura B. Denver, CO

  • This place is great!!! Everybody is so friendly and the doctors are just amazing! To be honest I didn’t believe that chiropractors can help me, but I thought I’ll try anyway. That was the one of the best decision I’ve made lately. They fixed my back in no time!!! THANK YOU!!! I will definitely recommend Mountain View Pain Center to all my friends.

    Victoria B. Aurora, CO

  • Just wanted to say that Dr. McNally and Dr. Erhuy are the best chiropractors I have ever been too. They helped me get out of pain and back to playing basketball. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Lori S. Littleton, CO