Ganglion Impar Block

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Ganglion Impar Blocks

The ganglion impar is a bundle of nerves located near your lower spine, controlling involuntary function in your pelvic and groin area. You could be experiencing pain for any number of reasons, from cancer to lower back/tailbone pain. A ganglion impar block may help alleviate your pain or determine what is causing your pain.

Like other kinds of blocks, this is a simple outpatient procedure which is over after 15 minutes. Your doctor will administer a local anesthetic and, while you are laying on your stomach, they will guide the needle over the bundle of nerves using x-ray guidance. They will then inject a dye solution followed by an anesthetic and steroid for pain relief. Your doctor will monitor you for around 30 minutes after the procedure, after which you can go home. You may feel pain relief immediately or within the next few days.

This procedure is considered safe. Risks, though rare, include bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. Talk to your provider if you are on blood thinners, are immunosuppressed, have an active infection, or are pregnant.

Like other kinds of nerve blocks, this can be used both as a treatment and as a diagnostic tool to determine the source of your pain. If this procedure brings relief to your pain, your doctor may recommend performing a radiofrequency ablation to stop the affected nerve from transmitting pain. Your doctor may also investigate the superior hypogastric plexus, another bundle of nerves that can affect pain in the pelvic region, as an additional diagnostic/treatment option. If you are suffering from pain in your groin area, call one of our offices today and take control of your pain.

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