Kenesio-Tape Method

Kenesio-Tape the newest and most advanced form of taping has been shown to have amazing results with athletes, chronic pain, and other muscular or joint issues. Kinesio-taping method (sometimes called K-tape) was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase over 25 years ago in Japan and has become the gold standard in therapeutic taping. At Mountain View Pain Center we use this technique for its four major functions to support muscle, remove congestion (inflammation), correct and stabilize joint problems, and to activate the body’s natural pain relievers. These four benefits have attributed to increased healing time, and increased success in the training and rehabilitation phases of injuries.

Kinesio-tape is made from cotton, and has elastic properties that traditional athletic tape lacks. Therefore the joint is free to move through its normal range of motion making this tape more appealing to athletes. This tape contains no latex or medications, which leaves skin reactions to a minimum. Kinesio-tape is porous, which allows moisture to evaporate, so the tape can be worn for several days even with regular bathing.

Reasons to use Kinesio-Tape

Kinesio-tape when applied properly can support weak muscles, rehab overused muscles, decrease pressure allowing for the movement of edema (swelling), apply extra stabilization to the injured area. Kinesio-tape activates the body’s neurological and circulatory pathways increase the muscle function and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.