Knee Osteoarthritis

 Osteoathritis of the Knee

A common and debilitating form of degenerative or osteoarthritis is that of the knee joint. Most common reasons people do develop osteoarthritis are repetitive trauma, such as having a history of playing sports with repetitive un-treated injuries to the knee.  Patients suffering from this ailment have a lower walking speed, shorter stride, and reduced ankle propulsion. Not only this but they suffering from a basic lack of motion causing difficulty in our basic daily activities such as shopping, walking the dog, or even getting in and out of your car. The pain starts gradually over a period of many years and changes with weather conditions. Do to the pain patients report that after frequent use they have to rest to help ease the pain or are prescribed NSIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Poor balance has been found in individuals with bilateral knee osteoarthritis. Another problem those with knee degeneration suffering from are the reduced ability to avoid obstacles increasing the chances to trip and fall causing further injuries.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis walk at a slower pace, and have decreased muscle endurance. Osteoarthritis can lead to a sedentary life style and thus can lead to further health risks; however these patients are often in too much pain to participate in exercise programs.

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