Disclaimer: Opioid Medications

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Disclaimer: Opioid Medications

The goal of Mountain View Pain Center is to minimize or eliminate pain and improve the patient’s quality of life. This is achieved through a multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment approach that is unmatched in comparison to other pain practices. When appropriate, an aspect of a patient’s treatment plan may include opioid medications, allowing the patient to better control their pain to maximize the benefits of their other therapies. Patient safety with the use of such medications is of paramount importance to us, however, so our practice strictly follows state and federal treatment guidelines and recommendations, including the use of prescription-drug monitoring and urine drug testing. Beyond this, our practice-wide policy is that we only electronically prescribe opioid mediations to established patients with known pain pathology that warrants such medication use, where non-opioid medications have not provided sufficient pain relief.

Furthermore, we do not prescribe high-dose opioids, as research continues to demonstrate that high-dose opioid use significantly increases risks to patients, with minimal, if any, long-term benefits in comparison to lower doses. Research has also shown that the only indication for chronic opioid use is for cancer pain, and as such, our goal is always to minimize, and ideally eliminate, the need for opioid medications as the patient’s pain improves.

At Mountain View Pain Center, we believe we can help your pain through safe, effective and clinically-proven treatment options. Beyond medications, our comprehensive treatment plan includes therapies and interventions, allowing patients to successfully manage their pain through a multimodal approach and get back to living their lives.


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We are double board-certified in pain management and specialize in spinal and neuromuscular pain conditions. Beyond providing safe and appropriate medication management options,We are highly-skilled experts in non-surgical interventions, using state-of-the art treatments to relieve pain and improve function.



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At Mountain View Pain Center,  it is our mission to deliver the very best chiropractic care to all of our patients. Our Chiropractors deliver first class care incorporating the latest developments in treatment standards to make sure you get out of pain and stay out of pain. Contact any of our eight treatment offices to get started today!




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Mountain View Pain Center accepts almost every insurance plan. If you have been in a car accident, we accept all auto insurance providers as well. If you do not see your insurance plan in the list of major plans we work with, please contact our office to verify that we accept your plan provider.

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