Chiropractors Discuss Rotator Cuff Injuries


One of the most common injuries to the shoulder is the rotator cuff injury. The reason for this is because the shoulder joint is supported by more muscles than any other joint in the body.  The groups of muscles involved with the rotator cuff injury are the SITS group Suprapinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor and Subscapularis.  The major reason there is an injury to the rotator cuff is repetitive use of the upper limb above horizon (e.g., during throwing, swimming, and weight lifting) or a fall on an outstretched arm such as when skiing or snowboarding. The recurrent inflammation of the rotator cuff (especially the inflammation that occurs to the Suparapinatus tendon) can lead to tear/rupture of the muscles/tendons.

 Signs and Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Injury

Grade 1

First-degree strain, minor pain, and weakness

Grade 2

Second-degree strain, moderate impairment, and disability

Grade 3

Third-degree strain, severe shoulder pain, 6 to 12 hours of no pain followed by gradual increase in pain and disability.

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