Chiropractic Technique: Thompson

The Thompson Technique was first introduced over fifty years ago by Dr. J. Clay Thompson. Since the beginning, this system of analysis and drop-table correction has been used by thousands of successful chiropractors. J. Clay Thompson Technique uses leg check analysis to locate vertebral subluxations. The leg check analysis is systematic and straightforward, and any doctor can learn and use it. The analysis and adjusting procedures developed by Dr. Thompson give the doctor’s confidence in their ability to locate and correct subluxations. The drop mechanism is based on Newton’s First Law of Motion, which states: “A body is in equilibrium if no force is acting upon it. If it is at rest, it remains so; if in motion, it persists in motion, unless an opposing force is met.” Newton’s First Law is the basis for the low force, high velocity adjustment that is safer for the patient and easier on the doctor. Many chiropractors attribute their long careers to their use of this table.